Saturday, September 10, 2011

H's lesson

Harvest of the heart.

Each heart is so precious on this earth,
beating still while the mind is silent and placid
as the newborn child....

yet watch the sun rise each day
can you see the message that is building up?
as we travel the distance...

now pause..

Have you come from afar only to deny thus?
have you come from so long ago only to run away..
absolving your heritage...

Keep watching.

and seeking

free thinking


come to me and do not shield your self from me
do not half way engage me as though the motive hidden breeds a worthy context...
a weak lie.

come at me fully to speak the contents of the realm,
can you focus on that which was felt?
It is never a static thing...

Look first to what assembles to remind you of where... Then feel and watch, dissolve your self.
notice how what was seen evolves to become a new, notice how your stillness is compromised when the image becomes static again....

The static image is the base construct, the false seeing. What must occur is that you must tract this initial state and accompany it within it's active evolution. Time is the most important element that we must manage.

Do you really want to continue?

we must know that upon each moment the construct changes and breaks apart, reforming. We must endeavor to catch it's speed.
If we ride with it take care....

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