Sunday, March 11, 2012

dgqey weryh rfdgh f

Who are you to have ever claimed loved towards me,
someone whom you’ve yet even seen..
but a fool you are, if when passing by, obsess and attest
that for me you would die.

But would you forgive me?
My credulity intact…
If I claim without reason to trail away from deceiving…

Stubbornly amused,
Seemingly lost a friend again,
caught up in the tangents.
so uncouth,
to ennoble ones self through an enmity loaned.
and intoned upon the able fact that without our pact
there would be no tract…
no able pinned feature to allure,
to distract?

How would you abstract in this world,
filled with truth,
‘pon these features we’ve gleamed as it seems to arraign in us
a meaning,  a trust…
Our personal tribunal of mutuality…

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

distilling dreamy

 i had a dream
were we eating berries, something small.
we were monkey people and i knew that we were some of the first humanoids
the differences in all the other monkey people were stark..
and also there were other animals here and there.
 any ways
i was looking at you
and you kinda looked like you, but like base genes in monkey form.
and you were screaming like a monkey,
not over anything,
and then a monkeyish man came and fucked you. and then another.
dont get offended let me finish
i had this insight then that promiscuity, or sluttyness, gave an advantage because
the mate selector was low and it allowed all genes a chance to continue to try them selves out. unsatisfied, or even truly tested, with only one run.
and in the dream i had the thought to kill you all
but that was before the inisght
after i had that thought of violence the insight came...
and then i turned around,
and the dream changed.
the reason i felt the kill
was because i felt threatened
the act of the sexuality was violent,
not like abuse,
but was like rape kind of?
best way i can describe it is rape you learn to to accept...
any ways
the dream impacted me huge
cuz it was vivid.

when the dream changed
i saw you agian
or at least what i associated with you
and it was a mouse
and the insight was further, it was like...
there was this force seeking to outdo the threats of nature
and evolve life
and it made no mistakes..
any ways i felt like the offspring would be a threat to me,
like they were going to become greedy and mindless.
i wanted to protect you before it all started to happen but it did not seem appropriate.


Friday, March 2, 2012


Fool an i
we lay so incredulously
In a love....
That it seems our sorrows rest in mind
and all is enabled,
now we able,
to weave mesh of this light as we bind...
seemingly caught up in webs of time.

But stood it may
like a shadow
was the thoughts that attest between us..
how uncouth the prattled battle lay,
all it consumes,
as it presumes ,
to arrest and attest for our lives...
keeping us caught up in lies 'till we die.