Tuesday, March 6, 2012

distilling dreamy

 i had a dream
were we eating berries, something small.
we were monkey people and i knew that we were some of the first humanoids
the differences in all the other monkey people were stark..
and also there were other animals here and there.
 any ways
i was looking at you
and you kinda looked like you, but like base genes in monkey form.
and you were screaming like a monkey,
not over anything,
and then a monkeyish man came and fucked you. and then another.
dont get offended let me finish
i had this insight then that promiscuity, or sluttyness, gave an advantage because
the mate selector was low and it allowed all genes a chance to continue to try them selves out. unsatisfied, or even truly tested, with only one run.
and in the dream i had the thought to kill you all
but that was before the inisght
after i had that thought of violence the insight came...
and then i turned around,
and the dream changed.
the reason i felt the kill
was because i felt threatened
the act of the sexuality was violent,
not like abuse,
but was like rape kind of?
best way i can describe it is rape you learn to to accept...
any ways
the dream impacted me huge
cuz it was vivid.

when the dream changed
i saw you agian
or at least what i associated with you
and it was a mouse
and the insight was further, it was like...
there was this force seeking to outdo the threats of nature
and evolve life
and it made no mistakes..
any ways i felt like the offspring would be a threat to me,
like they were going to become greedy and mindless.
i wanted to protect you before it all started to happen but it did not seem appropriate.


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