Friday, October 21, 2011

water, a mote, in mouth, take note.

the cool clean essence on sip,

you cna easily take a pic of each full ,monnnm

Sunday, October 2, 2011

I am finding it quite difficult to write of old and ponderous things. Means and ends and reasons why we tend to all of these bends of will. The gold and mint of coin, the reason why a man will choose... the reasons why a woman choose. I am finding it needless to write of such things in drawn out words and sentences. I caught a feature fallow in my mind, once laid to rest, but now upon the witniss i would rather hence attest... in ways which catch my gaze towards my own self in novelty, to scout the hidden feature of what life shall bring to me..
Yet it is not purly for gain.

Once i might instill, or try, a motive towards the cell. To wind the features, endlessly, towards digital realms. Perhaps i would suggest that you change ways to profit more. Now in the end i see my place for lessons of  this subtle lore.
come an play a trick, you gon an fetch me needs in pale
go walk pon rumbled stone, the break an shatter, pounded shale..
retail on in an out those less then fortunately sound
to dig the trench and mound and build your majesty the crown

Saturday, October 1, 2011

half of before

to take a mans life
is to find that you have sundered you own
the flesh life did loan
seeks solace of breath and bone
a form that once.....
pushed thoughts through swirling life intoned,
but crush you did and sunder
the coursing of their wonder
their life..
shall end.

enter the gate.. 
open your heart...
 once in silence feel the wind
all these lines
weave tapestries
of heart...

evening star

D5, A5, B5, C6, D6, C6, B5, G5, B5, A5...
D6, C6, D6, A5, B5, A5, B5, C5, D5

careless without fear of my loves betrayal
stand beside me in the light
of stars,

cold is night's wind
but warmth from our embrace
purple light
to remind of

watch your wonder rise and fall
like stars
in the night
timeless as  your motives fall
with me
listening close
to your heart

dream with the heart that enlivens you
our ancestors sought to rise
for you,

stray your mind towards
the glimmering evening star
watch it watch you
ride the light
our life

evening has now come again
our gaze, once again...
drifting from the hidden place
where you
hold the dark
staving off....



multifaceted viewing stone

(it only goes twice, while i have 3, so add extra in mind)

Random Morning Free-style Vr 2.0

I’m cold to the bone
All my life I have wandered alone
Though billions intone
Those others stray from my mind…
I trust my heart
To seal the truth of what I find:
The essence that reminds me
of seeking and of finding
that love
of mine.

With one breath
Rises the fate
That two hearts long to- to align
For this life
Dreaming of faith
in love

shall I now presume
to become all that I am and pursue
The wonder ensued
The wonder she still invokes..
or wander with
All thoughts wrest into needless flight:
Obscurely swirling blindly
A chance hands clasp in binding
for warmth
From cold

I am here
Waiting for you
To reveal what you hold inside
This unknown
Channels a dream
Of life

now follow the dream
calling forth to establish a scene  
the things we have seen
leaves motives unbridled... yet,
still cold reserve…
assumptions dancing through the verbs…
the cells inside enliven
coalescing an alignment
of love
for you

all my heart,
all of my love
every thing this life shall reveal
all my will
given to you
my love.