Monday, September 5, 2011


you need to represent entities
in the fucking construct.
cuz they ain'aun be wid out you,

he keen an rue ta trap'n choo(se)
a move, pra'sue, a do it you.
cuz time 'efore you sought'n make
'these time an ease fer soul ta break...

naw see and make, you take'n break,
the fate and state, another's weight?
and wait.. negate,
seen potent fate...
release the flow
asunder him why dont ya?

In other words it means manufacturing fictional entities will always be an art done in this world. The extent of their form is often larger then most would be at ease to know. Adults and all make it in to fold.
and more then Jesus too, much more. Some say there is no fiction, really. Thus the meme extends from a real one... but.... ahhh... using the story of that one for a purpose of your self is a different type of beast, even if it is to keep the peace among many... and even under the clamor which ensues among those who believe that such things as "threat" lay outside of the pending scenarios we must navigate.

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