Tuesday, September 20, 2011

he he he

A claim from me of your shadow is the attention of my own, 
and when you point to mine as well we then become the same. 
Should this then be justified, to move our selves to this? 
I will say yes if through it we quell the line of intent those forms expel. 

Does quell then lead us as if we've moved? 
at last transparent in sight and in mood? 
with memory to move by what attentions grasp, 
and already again we start to maintain a past. 

See, there is more to the abstract then memory or sex, 
or leading attention to forms of the next. 
Or even the lines which bring from to the scape 
for the witness towards construct of worlds in where we meet. 

It's more then our knowing of your memory and leadings, 
and far more then the affect put forth from proceedings. 
or the memory of action of you within another... 
already abstracted, and unknown still abstracting. 

There is more to the abstract then sound, memory, movement or sex... 
or even the act of bringing our attention to the next. 
Merge with me, 
least we still become these shadows.


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