Wednesday, August 31, 2011

this is just called "random practice"... just like vague shit and no real idea. only idea is to listen to sounds and music song and type little lyric form constructs that go along with feelings around those regions enlivened.

Yep... so read the incoherence and detected the easily spied subtle theme. I do not fully know or intend its form but i see it start to rise up. The timing has to match.

Welled up and so charged are forms seeking to enable...

sold within the aspects of the all truth found, once enabled

stable is as those sundered lines
writhing still to reform and bind
at loose ends..

keep your live a shallow fate in desperate lies.

i don't know what you should think
catch a phrase from the TV or read-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.--.-.-.-.
a new book.

spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning....
a new note

Dark shadow form says hello to the light which chases it....

rise up like a morning sun see...
these here birds, not merely chip and chirp,
as to say,
"i am just a bird and i'm enabled simply to peck and run"
"chirping with the consequences of echoing a bird tweet sound"

"i will fly upon the wind and seek the skies"

this whole world is right before your eyes
beckoning the sacred call of light
to bring...

the shadow is a fleeting force
running from that which devised the source,
an approach,

watch it as it leaks and drips, it runs around
hiding from the truth
that it
is simply void

polar eyes see the truth rise and then it shows...........
that the shadow chase the light....

a green coat
Chinese man walks on the cobbled stone
calling out towards the new sun that shone
simply there....

as the river comes it shallow essence ripples and smlouchks around
gently trickling a soft small pebbly sound

deer does step, then stops its pace and look all around.

keep it still and under-lorn, like shadow....
what you seek is not an able choice
but a fate designed by something else
more then mind.

keep an eye on Cheney cuz he still wants to run around
stealing all those eyes and hearts to save his soul....

Cheney boy........ oh what have you now done?

000000000 FROST
the rain gathers in the clouds
move forth as the sun pushes sound,
waves of light

what we see, a flying one
rolling through the clouds and lend
bringing scope

now are at loss to find the reason to spin the sounds
holding out cuz fear needs its time to wrap

gathering the dark spin-drill of the sharp
twisting round, constructionally eating the lives..
it is the bypass between then mind and the dream.......


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