Monday, August 8, 2011

random morning freestyle v 1
(melody link, start word at 7sec)

All it takes is but a single breath
just one form that once begot enlivens thus,
a new start....

As the thoughts assemble in the mind
dreaming forth incredulous we find
what sought most.


Clatkanie's a tragic choice to search for ones convictions inside of love
cold within an atrophy which wrought all these illusions bare
now-taste the salt, rise up from sea and drift as wind...

winter comes as the sun angles change
drifting down to a more southern range
listen close...

once begot, assembled deep intrigue
but once heard the voice: a fate defined,
as a ghost...

travel to a land to crush your feelings that fall and stray
holding on to memories that lock the heart in chains

like the dust our state is frail our lives fragile

hold within, powers of potency......

i am shameless  when im how i need to be to be who i am

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