Monday, August 22, 2011

Haters gonna hate, is the theme of the day.

To understand this concept is necessary for growth.
One can take your power through this way if you let them, or one can raise your power (by supporting you in freedom)...  We should look with more detail as to what it means for the hater to hate.

Consider that in the public sphere an individual is put on spectacle for the onlookers of various types. With the presentations given from the individual the observers construct a feeling of either connectivity with what is put forth, or they feel a repulsion. Often times it is not a one sided process but we find elements which we align with and elements that repel us away simultaneously (or at least in sequence). So keep this in mind.

When the hater hates they are attempting to illegitimize our approach and our expression, creating a vacuum which stalls our proceedings. We should spend a small amount of time observing why it is that the hater hates, being able to honestly reflect upon what they put forth so that we might decipher pure disruption of our being from needed observations that others can give us. Often we will find that a person is purely seeking to disrupt us for their own gains. Rarely do we find someone that is open about disrupting us. Most people are more fearful then that and can spend many weeks, months or years extracting our energy and pinning us into a type of energetic submission. And when the cat is out of the bag and we can see how they have disrupted us they generally become haters, or they try to drop the drama and start at a different point with us.

It seems that fear and a sense of needing to disrupt and remove that which we are uncomfortable with contains the root of a type of negativity that exists in human relations. You see, it's not about right or wrong as much is it is about alignment with approach. When we say right or wrong (good or bad, neg or pos, all that shit) what we are essentially doing is casting our vote that demonstrates how we associate with what we have observed. So the semantics are meaningless. What is important is why a person is drawn to align with one form over another, or to repel from one.

When the hater hates what i believe they are doing is attempting to stifle progress to create an advantage used to direct attention away from some aspect of them selves. Their motive is most always steeped within wanting to guide the attention to a place they would rather it be, and thus we have only the aesthetics of the different zones to judge in terms of their effect upon us.

There is something to be said of specificity though, to keenly hone in on the specific root of things.
And there is something to be said of challenge, to challenge the continued direction which another pursues.
And why would we do this? Some might say it is control, but i would say to them that the affect of anothers actions is much more directly upon us then we would generally like to have to deal with. Their very thoughts and attention, memory, active and independent from us, they come into our mind, even as an imagination, and skew our attention towards some point.

And thats not even mentioning our own memory of things they have done.

All in the all the truth be shown that a sober approach towards the complexities of ones mind is necessary to reach a global consensus as to what we are doing here.

The answer might be more cruel then most would like to admit.

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