Tuesday, January 24, 2012

warm up

Like most things, expression cannot flow outside of the bounds which contain it as one emits.

Like the dust, rememberd frail and fragile, the state shall shift and meanings diffuse into each other, creating the conglomerate essence of "is".

Yet let not even that entrap you, for as you speak it is easy to see the relevant issue is hardly what is at hand but rather a motive beyond what you can yet easily express, least you were to not tarry so often in domains that seem unnaturally stressful.

Entrapped then you are in convictions. Each and every able feature loaned inside the affect seeks then to rise the motives riled up... That motive shown clearly through my dismissal of your words and their apparent context. Yet what is left?

What is left.

Time and time again i have been shown that when the barriers break down, no matter the strength or claims of the individual, there is the desire for something of a love. When that love does not exist, when it is not accessed, then one is in a state of semi despair. But worry not, shows, drinks and jolly events are still had in plenty, regardless of the twinge and twitch you feel at night that implicates the underlying essence that laces it self through each expression.

There is no happy ending here, neither a scorn in the assumed pessimism some might find... Rather, there is only the beat and note, the heart and breath, the form and flow of life still coursing through you, able to discern, able to learn.... Ready willing and able to commit to the fables.

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